Alexey Hohlatov is the ancestor of Company ATMA and its president

 I lead:

The Seminar-acquaintance with Community The Business in style
The Seminar about the Business Plan of the Colleague of the ATMA Company
The Business game Creativity from the heart

My main mission for the ATMA Company is to organize an embodiment of Colleague ideas in the Community. My basic problem is to catch, to develop, to embody cultural ideas, the enterprising initiatives, useful and noble causes of our Colleagues. As for my whole responsibility, it is to keep a harmonious balance between spiritual and business in the ATMA Company.



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Club Community ATMA

The Company ATMA is a Community of people, which wants to live long and delightful, which wants to become wiser, more capable, more interesting every year and simply better. The Community ATMA is everything that is necessary for a beautiful and effective life. We create it for ourselves, for our favorites, friends and relatives. Let's do it together!

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